Vow Renewal & Blessings

“Vow renewal ceremonies should be unique and meaningful  – a beautiful way to recommit yourselves to each other.”

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than a Renewal of Vows?

True love lives forever – and at Oludeniz Weddings we are proud to say that over the years we have conducted many Vow Renewal celebrations for couples that wish to recreate the magic of their wedding day – be it 10, 15 or 20 years together.

Blessing Ceremonies

Similarly, there may be many reasons why you don’t wish to observe the legally binding marriage option – you may prefer to marry in your home country, are already legally married, or just choose to honour the union with a Blessing. We can offer this as an alternative to our legal wedding, and can be performed by a member of family or close friend.

The ceremony for both Vow Renewals and Blessings are performed exactly in line with our legal weddings, with full attendance by the Nufus (registrar) and exchange of Vows (no legal documentation is required).

Ask us for details on the beautiful range of waterfront venues we offer  for Ceremony Only or Ceremony & Reception.


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